I just want to take a minute to say thank you for all that you have done to make our dreams of home ownership possible.
What I appreciate the most about our journey is that I did not feel like a client while working with you. From day one, your motivation and efforts made me feel like I was a family member.
Also I appreciate your honesty and ability to make things clear for my understanding throughout the whole process.
Just want to let you know that your services are greatly appreciated....

- Idi Williams

It is one thing to be good at what you do but having the people skills to enhance ones calm in the middle of crazy situations, is rare asset; Keith brings this to the table and more.  We met Keith after having our home on the market for nearly three months.  He passed us his card while driving through the neighborhood when we were packing out and moving and told us if we needed anything to give him a call.  We had listened with our first agent and went into signing with her because a trusted friend recommended her.  She was impressive at first but once we signed with her that impressive person disappeared.  She was hard to reach and really lacked the responsiveness required to get things done when they needed done.  She didn’t even feel it was necessary to communicate that she had received the message to reduce the price; so it was way too difficult for her to help us make a sale.  Out of pure frustration; having not receiving a response to our requested price decrease we terminated our agreement with her.  We started working with another agent who advertised heavily and promised to sell our home in 59 days or less but that came with a to do list: when he showed up he had a full market analysis and told us the home was not moving because of some unique design choices we made that did not appeal to the largest percent of the market.  He recommended painting and removing tile we carefully selected for our master bedroom and living room.  The tile was high-end Italian porcelain in neutral tones and happened to be one of the things our visitors always loved and commented about so we did not even consider changing it.  After accomplishing the minimal paint project he required in for our 1st floor master bedroom we called to tell him we were ready to list.  After four days trying to contact him and not getting a response we made the decision to move to looking for yet another realtor.   While walking to my car from work I just happened to run into Keith Young again.  We said hello and I asked him right off, “If I told you right now, this minute, you could list our home how long would it take to have it on the market?  He said, a few hours.  I told him I was going to get my husband and would meet him in his office to sign the listing papers.    Keith had the home live on the market in less than 3 hours because by the time we got to the office he had already done the necessary research and started the process.  We told him he had only 45 days to sell it.  He was happy with the price and felt that he could do it in that time frame.  He got us a contract in only 9 days and it was a full price offer.  Unfortunately, the buyer ran into some personal problems and backed out just days before closing.  It was complicated because the buyer wanted the 2nd floor master and bonus room floor taken up and left to down to the plywood because of fear it would be toxic to her family pet so we were now faced with getting that floor covered and getting it back on the market.  Keith assured us he would get us another buyer and since he brought us the first contract in such a short time we were believers.   Keith was amazing, he brought the 2nd buyer again in just a few days but he did not stop there; he brought us a backup contract (a third potential buyer) within a week after taking the second contract.  Keith got us to closing last week thanks to his innate ability to lead into taking that backup offer.  Our home was on the market much longer than it should have been and it was all because we went with the wrong realtor.  Keith was not flashy with all the TV and Radio advertising our second choice for a realtor had, but he has several of his own marketing approaches that worked best to obtain the contracts in short order.  Most importantly, he has the “BEST” communication skills ever!   If you don’t get him on the phone when you call you get his wife and she is amazing too; not only did she ensure the communication was perfectly passed on  she is an expert in dealing with issues at the VA and assisted us with advice and resources to help with the adjustment period.  Keith always communicates he used several methods to reach us and with our life and challenges, it was perfect for us. He texted, called and left detailed voice messages and emailed too, just so he could ensure we were always aware of the market condition or all that was going on through the ratified contract period.  He offers everything needed to close your deal.  In addition, he is not apposed to working with all parties to make everyone happy.   Don’t make the mistakes we made and fall for the best TV and Radio advertising; go with someone that can work the way they need to for your real life situation.   Keith’s is connected to several relocation programs especially if you are looking for homes in the $300K- $600K market.  You will not be disappointed with Keith Young, just make sure he is your first choice for your agent so you can do it right the first time and avoid the pain and suffering we did.  The other thing you need to know is that Keith loves and cares for you sincerely so through the process he prays diligently for your success; how can you possibly go wrong with the Lord hearing your needs!  People are put in our lives at the right time and in the right place for a reason and if you are reading this you know what I am talking about.  Don't get just a realtor get a person that truly loves and cares for others and you won't go wrong choosing Keith Young.

- Randi Robinson


Looks like you are in control of this transaction!

Your client is fortunate to have you working for them!

- John Brockwell

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